Friday, March 06, 2009

Study: Gen Y Notices Social Net Ads

Surprise! I mean, "duh": Study: Gen Y Notices Social Net Ads. When social networking, 84% of users notice ads while they interact with friends. Of course they do, and a variety of assertions that they don't were kind of silly. That said, as the study described in Media Post, the audience doesn't always find them relevant, which in my mind is a great opportunity for brand awareness advertising. In the social networking environs, you are not going to sell something at that moment because any attempt to do so would be like interrupting a conversation. However, a nice brand awareness ad (think: entertainment, cpg, etc) placed aside the conversation doesn't interrupt the conversation, but does garner some notice. Factor in the lower cost CPMs of most social networks, and the ROIs justify themselves. Here's the story from Media Post.

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