Sunday, June 06, 2010

Hangin' With Joe Montana At Union Street Fair

Yesterday was the Union Street Fair, San Francisco's closest thing to a Mardi Gras type event (women wearing skimpy halters, public intoxication and guys peeing in bushes). Just by dumb luck, my buddies and I got a table next to 49er legend Joe Montana at Perry's on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant (that has to be THE best seat for the Union Street Fair BTW).

We ended up having 4 rounds of drinks BS'ing with Joe for a good deal of it (my head hurts; those 4 drinks were only the start of the day...). He was totally down to earth and talked to us as much as we wanted (though we didn't exactly get in his face the way about 300 other people hovering around our table did with cameras and autograph papers and handshake requests; we did our best to obnoxiously ruin as many papparazi shots as possible). He talked about moving back into the city, our favorite restaurants in his 'hood, the rigors of being a celebrity in public (he contributed more to that than us...) and more, including this fun little excerpt:

Me: "Dude, when I was at USC, I hated your guts!"
Joe: "Hey, that's okay. You guys will be on probation next week"
Me: "What's up with the Nikes?" (he's a spokesman for Sketchers, yet he was wearing Nikes)
Joe: (shrugged shoulders) "Can't wear 'em all the time! I need a break every once in a while."
Me: "Don't worry, I won't tweet a photo of you in swooshes."
Joe: (raises glass to mine)

Anyway, it was a pretty fun experience being at a big SF event with one of the biggest SF legends.

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