Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Buying And Selling Online Advertising Redux

I posted "Buying And Selling Online Advertising Is Changing Quickly" over the weekend, and on Monday found this article by Ben Kunz on Businessweek.com saying essentially the same thing -- that the focus of online advertising is shifting from specifically targeting web properties to reach audiences to using technology to simply bypass expensively packaged web properties and target the audience directly.

Obviously, other people are noticing the same things I've seen and heard from countless others in the industry. My post, the Bizweek article and some of the conversations around both also note that while the technologies enabling this shift have actually been around for years, they are just now starting to gain serious momentum.

Which leads me to my next subject: the seemingly contradictory notion that even though the tide is shifting with a massive wave to audience targeting, premium web properties and premium will absolutely survive -- and survive in large part to make audience targeting even more successful.

I'll write about it later this week, but alas, it's late zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...stay tuned.

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