Friday, May 13, 2011

Latest Moves At Technorati & My New Role

We recently announced some significant moves at Technorati Media: namely that Shani Higgins has been promoted as the company’s CEO; Abderrezak Kamel has joined us as CTO; and I will assume the role of Executive Chairman. I’m excited to have Shani running the company, because in terms of day-to-day, she already runs the company as our SVP/GM; I fully trust in her ability to continue growing the company (and my investment!). Abderrezak’s addition is equally exciting, as his expertise in real-time ad technology will help us fully execute our long term vision.

As for me, I’m also very excited to continue with the company in a different yet still very active role. The difference between an executive director and director is just that – being very active with the leadership vs. attending board meetings and watching over a fund’s investment. In my new role, I will work actively with Shani and the exec team on strategy, market intelligence, industry networking and corporate development activities. The biggest reason for these leadership changes was a long planned geographic and lifestyle move for my family; that plan is now happening, and these shifting roles make the most sense to continue growing Technorati to its fullest potential.

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