Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Phone Rings At 2am...Your Flight Is Cancelled...

Ok, now we’re having fun. It’s 2am pst, and your phone – which doubles as your alarm clock – rings and rings. It’s American Airlines, calling to cancel your non-stop flight SFO to JFK. They’re about to totally screw you, but they generously offer to re-route your flight via Los Angeles AND Dallas. This is not good news when you’re lying in bed at 2am.

What would Macgyver do?

If Macgyver got this night call, he would put a fleece sweat suit on (cuz his 114 year old house has no f’ing insulation, it’s cold, and the furnace would take too long), pours a glass of wine, and dials American. After a surprisingly short wait on hold (amazing how the wine shortens the wait – good thinking Macgruber…), the two-hop would-be disaster easily converts into another non-stop, though 2.5 hours behind schedule (which is still an hour ahead of the two –hop disaster).

While sleep may no longer be an option, the direct flight and the earlier arrival time provide some cheap solace. I’ll take it. Now I really have to see “Up In The Air”………

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