Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Do You Tweet? Unscientific Poll Results

So I've been thinking about a stat I read 6 weeks ago: that only 28% of Twitter users actually visit the site. I've been thinking that the percentage has probably dropped even further since then, and I wanted to validate that thinking scientifically. However, given that I lack the time or desire to do anything remotely scientific or statistically significant, I just tweeted the following question (via twitter.com ironically!):

"Unscientific poll: how do you write your tweets? how do you read tweets? On Twitter.com or on a 3rd party app? (or d. none of the above)"

With out any ado (no time for even the "further" in "further ado"), here are the results. While lacking any statistical value whatsoever, the mere fact that this "serious" research study comes from me should make it totally valid. ;-)

Seriously, here's some answers from a few of my friends. Only one uses the site exclusively, a few use a combo of 3rd party apps, and a few use 3rd party exclusively.

Neil Rosos at 8:33am July 14
Read/Write mainly through a 3rd party app (Twitterfon and twitterfox)...

Monica Gummig at 9:33am July 14
Tweet Deck -- can check FB from there as well :)

Tiana Lyn Dillon Ford at 12:10pm July 14
Twitterfon on iPhone

Richard Rocca at 12:54pm July 14
a blend - but majority in 3rd party in this orderbetwyx.com, tweetdeck and twitter.

Jeff Toland at 2:32pm July 14
Twitter.com, but I haven't tried anything else

Phillip Winn at 3:12pm July 14
Mostly Tweetie on my Mac, sometimes twitter.com on my phone.

Rosy Saadeh at 5:59pm July 14
Third party app - TweetLater.com

murliman All of the above.Haven't settled @jalichandra Unscientific poll: how do you write/read tweets? On Twitter.com or on 3rd party app? from web

DistortedAngel@jalichandra TwitterFox at work, Tweetie on Mac and iPhone. Never Twitter.com unless absolutely necessary. from TwitterFox in reply to jalichandra


  1. Richard - Most valuable use of twitter for me is search.twitter.com. I use it kind of like a news wire. When I tweet, I just use the site.

  2. I use the site, too... I guess that makes me so conservative and so 2008 :)