Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just Getting Started / /Work In Progress

So let's get this out there right away: this is a work in progress. I do plan to do more, to write more. However, right now, I'd be exagerating if I called this any more than a directory of how to find various bits of me on the web. There are links, but not much writing. That will change over time, but now, call this 'The Jalichandra Directory.'

The irony of running a blog company is that I don't have time to blog. I read blogs VORACIOUSLY -- 25-30 posts/blogs per day. Yet I don't have time to actually write much myself (aside from replying to 100 emails per day...but that's not blogging). But I promise this will change. For anyone following me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I have much to say, much to write (even without Sarah Palin sticking her foot in her mouth regularly; for a sample of my tweets, check out the right column or

So stay tuned. Some good stuff will appear here. But for now, accept this blog for what it is: a directory of jalichandra crap, with the promise of the semi-interesting things that run through this Jalichandra's head.

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